Pedagogical and Educational Research Information Network for Europe


PERINE is an informal network of organisations that provide information about educational research. Individual partners tend to address their national audiences through the services they provide. Through PERINE partners seek to support the wider visibility and use of information throughout Europe.

The network results from a project supported between 2001 and 2004 by the European Commission. In its proposal to the Commission the network set its objectives as follows: “This project will ensure that originators and users of research-related information are aware of the national and international options available to them for dissemination of, and access to, information supporting their work. It will do this by connecting existing national agencies to each other and to a developing European network which they will undertake to grow.”

Since the cessation of funding in 2004 the original project partners have met their commitment to grow the network and to establish a firm link with Network 12 of the European Educational Research Association. These pages provide information about the networks’ activities, providing access to partners’ individual services, publications and presentations.

Neither PERINE nor Network 12 have independent organisational status. This site has been hosted on behalf of the networks by the Deutsches Institut fűr Internationale Padagogische Forschung (DIPF), to whom the partners are grateful. From March 2008 the site, with a change to the domain name and a reduction in the amount of content, is being hosted by the British Education Index at the University of Leeds, UK. Individual partners are responsible for the site’s content about them and their services.